TCP connection passing (TCPCP) created by Werner Almesberger, is a mechanism that allows cooperating applications to pass ownership of TCP connection endpoints from one Linux host to another.

TCPCP2 is another form of TCPCP. We created TCPCP2 based on TCPCP, and provided the following functions for it.

  • 2.6.15 kernel support.

  • Take over several TCP sockets at a time.

  • Take over the TCP/IPv6 sockets.

  • Take over some options on a socket: e.g., unicast TTL, TOS.

  • Take over the TCP packets in the socket send buffer and receive buffer.

  • Take over flags of TCP header of packets in the socket buffer.


kernel patch and tools : for Linux kernel 2.6.15.


Check following documentations.

  • Interface manual

      API tcpcp_stop(), tcpcp_get_si(), tcpcp_set_si() and tcpcp_start()

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The legal stuff

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